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Branded Ordering App; Suitable for Home Businesses & Startups. App can be downloaded by your customers; allowing them to View your Products, Read product details and place order along with dispatch details. Your Payment QR Code or any other details shown to your customer at finalizing Order. Avoids multiple communications while taking order and service to the more customers and allowing each customer to place more orders

VistaShopee Pro

Your own website and app to showcase and sell your products locally. Ideal for businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, medical stores, provisional stores & general stores. Your customers can view and order your products through your website or app. Pay you through credit, debit cards, UPI, Wallet or Net Banking. Order can be dispatched instantly through integrated “Wefast” or manually through own delivery staff.

VistaShopee Pro
VistaShopee Premium

VistaShopee Premium

Your website & app reflecting your Brand & Personality. Showcase your Products impressively. Market on worldwide web using SEO, Google Analytics & Social Media. Accept payment using any Payment Gateway; deliver Products across the globe using Custom Shipping or Ship Rocket Integration.

VistaShopee Ultimate

Ideal for successful Retails going online Sale almost anything like Digital products(Software), Print on demand products(Photobooks, Photo gifts), Electronic products (Mobile, Home appliances, cameras), Configurable products (PCs, Personalized products)

VistaShopee Ultimate


VistaShopee SMART

VistaShopee SMART

Sales, Marketing, Administrating & Relationship Tool SMART App is connected to your Shop on VistaShopee.

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VistaShopee POS

VistaShopee POS is an App for VistaShopee users. This App works on Mobile & Tab resolutions. Its POS (Point of Sale) App; User can Search & Select Products and Add to Cart for Billing. Customer can be searched or added instantly. Products, Customers & Invoices are synced with VistaShopee. Single User App comes Free with VistaShopee Ultimate Subscription.

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VistaShopee POS
VistaShopee ADMIN

VistaShopee ADMIN

Simplified panel to manage ordering, customers, products, pricing and much more through your smartphone on the go. Admin app is connected to your shop on VistaShopee.

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Logo Designing

Logo Designing

We design creative concepts to establish a strong Identity for your Brand across desired touchpoints in your Target Market for delivering a consistent Brand Experience Customer behavior and expectations can change instantaneously and help you redefining Brand Identity for your Brand stay relevant and desirable in this constantly changing world Our charges are very nominal and reasonable and if you are our VIP customer then this service is offered free of charge Rs 2000 for a logo design in png jpg format...
Product Entry

Product Entry

You are in planning to take your business online with us We are here to help you to get all your products entered on panel We can enter your products along with details provided by you This service is complimentary for our VIP partners...


Images can talk Right Image can say thousand words We have our own library of Royalty Free Images We can click Photographs Chargeable separately of Products Services or Facilities or we can buy stock images for you Chargeable separately which can describe and differentiate Brand Our charges are very reasonable and affordableRs 3000 for a Session of 8 Hours...
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Anybody who is having any product or service to be offered and wants to multiply their business can start their business with VistaShopee.

VistaShopee has 5 different kinds of solutions that will help you in your journey from house business into business houses.

Here what you have to do:

-To match your own requirement, please find Plans. 

-Know more about your plans and compare them.

-Still have doubt or confusion ?  Contact us or E-mail us.

Set up can be done within a few hours depending on the number of products/services and the length of description you want to give about your Products/Services.

No set up cost will be charged by VistaShopee but our partners may charge you for services such as site designing, product photography, data entry, digital marketing etc.

To set up your business with VistaShopee you are not required to have your domain name. But if you are planning to have your own domain name it can be easily configured with VistaShopee.

You do not need to set up a payment gateway and still use any custom payment services like PayTM or GooglePay to receive your payments. But VistaShopee recommends and can help you to sign up with payment gateways.

VistaShopee already has 10 reputed pre-configured Indian payment gateways.

Ofcourse you ! You will receive payments from your customers directly to your payment gateway account with no commission or fees deducted by VistaShopee.

YES You can restrict your delivery area.

We know that few businesses like to deliver products in their preferred area. And we not just provide the method to do that but also connect seamlessly with instant hyperlocal delivery providers like WeFast. 

Yes sure you can accept payment from anyone worldwide with International payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe. And also deliver through courier like DHL, FedEx integrated via ShipRocket. 

We have a 3 Tier help available just for you .

-Through our training videos

-Call us on +91 9808198198 or email us on info@vistashopee.com

-Our partners in your area may help you but it might be chargeable.


Visibility is the Key to Success

Oct 19, 2021

In today’s market, the customer will buy what he sees. The market is very competitive. There are similar products from different companies competing for the same market.

If a consumer doesn’t see your product then he/she will just buy a competitor’s product. That is why it is very important for you and your products to be visible to the customer at all times.

There are many ways in which you can be visible in front of your customer’s eye every time. Website and Social media can be some of the most suitable ways to be visible online.

But one thing that cannot be denied is that today mobile phones are found in every person’s hand and people spend more time on their mobile screens than at any other place.

VistaShopee makes it possible for you to increase your product visibility by having your own app. Your App will talk only about your brand giving a clear idea about your business to the customers. Your Own App will add another channel for your customers to interact with your brand thus giving more exposure and transparency.

When your app is present on every customer's mobile phone the chances of you getting more sales increases due to higher visibility than any other competitors.

A recent study suggests that 88% of customers prefer to research online before making a purchase either online or in a store. Hence Visibility is essential to winning more customers and driving higher sales.

Therefore in this way is how More Visibility is the key for your business to succeed and hence Jo Dikhta hai Woh Bikta Hai concept is achievable.

Now Get VistaShopee – Your Own Branded App Ready and Start Your Online Business journey Easily and Effortlessly.

Your Own Brand In Every Customers Hand

Oct 09, 2021

Mobile is a device that plays an important role in the decision-making of a lot of purchases. If your brand is present in that mobile the chance of you getting more business increases at a much higher level.

In fact, a recent study says that 79% of customers prefer buying products from mobile as it is easy and comfortable to place an order anytime and anywhere.

VistaShopee helps you to get into the mobile phones of such customers by having your own app. Your app can be installed on your customer’s mobile with your company logo as an icon for it to start.

Obviously, your app will contain your products with their images and description giving a detailed idea about your products to the customer. You can set prices for your different kinds of products and also keep offer prices. Your customers can seamlessly add the products to their cart and will be able to checkout effortlessly with a smooth payment process.

Your app will be of the latest PWA technology. This will be of light weight thus not taking much space on your customer's mobile. This app will be compatible with both IOS and Android users therefore it becomes much easier to share the app with you and your customers.

Thus, this is how your brand will shine in every customer’s hand. Now Get VistaShopee – Your Own Branded App Ready and Start Your Online Business journey Easily and Effortlessly.

Start your own Mobile Store FREE !

Oct 03, 2021

If you have ever thought “ Does my business need a Mobile Store? ” you’re in the right place. Building a Mobile App / Store for your business is a serious endeavor, so you need to understand the importance of having a mobile app for business and the advantages of having one within your organization.

Yes, definitely you need Your own Mobile Store to start selling online and reach more customers.

Developing a mobile App for business can offer valuable marketing opportunities and help you reach your target audience, as well as many other advantages that will help put you ahead of your competition.

You can get many options out there for creating a mobile store. But here in VistaShopee, you can create one with absolutely no charges at all.

VistaShopee helps you create your own Mobile Store with minimal steps FREE.

Here with Vistashopee, one can go online selling with their own branded App in less than 24 hours. Check out our demo Mobile Store of Cakes and pastries.

Starting with VistaShopee, you just need to follow some simple steps and you are good to go LIVE!

Just visit our website www.vistashopee.com or call at – 9808198198.

Provide your Store name, Logo and product details, and payment gateway details. That’s it!

Your Own Mobile Store is ready to take orders. We help you build your App and are ready to support you anytime when you face any difficulties.

Get VistaShopee  -  An Order Taking App Now and build your online business and grow fast !


Hi , I am Dr. Janhavi Sapre - Lade, CEO at Sapre Foods. As a Business women i have to tackle many things by my own. My Main objective was to continue family business legacy and make the mark across the world of Sapre Foods. We are into manufacturing in snack and sweet items since 1984.  My vision is to make Sapre`s brand available in each and every household and preferred choice for Maharashtrian authentic snacks. But i always had a negative thought about e-commerce, as i am not a technical person. VistaShopee made my dream come true and made my business online for customers. The website and app are the game changer for me. User interface is simple and to the point for the consumers. Admin panel is very convenient and easy to operate by me and my team. Now the shop runs for 24x7 . Backend support team from vistashopee is very keen. Also, VistaShopee Smart made my life very easy, as i don't need another person to make greetings and brochures for marketing. Overall business handling has became very easy for us. Big thanks to VistaShopee.

Dr. Janhavi Sapre - Lade ,  CEO at  Sapre Foods .
- Dr. Janhavi Sapre - Lade , CEO at Sapre Foods .

I am Priya Parulekar , CEO @ DgFlickDgFlick software is used by photographers to run their businesses effectively & in profits. We have 5,00,000+ users present all across the world. We run individual websites according to regions, Dgflick.in for india and DgFlick.com for international clients. Here as a software company, our main concern is product delivery with Activation key. Specially for international clients, Delivering software with keys were more of manual works, We had to take extra effort for regular follow-ups regarding deliveries. After shifting to VistaShopee, Our extra work has been reduced to a large extend. Now everything has became automatic in terms of order fulfilment.  As we are dealing Globally, sending Software keys instead of actual product has made our job easy & speedy. Also with the integrated shipping methods, local physical deliveries of software has been quick and efficient. Adding to it, As Admin panel is very simple and easy to control and run ,we - our team- are able to modify the content for a website. We never thought that This electronic media will solve as many difficulties of us. All thanks to VistaShopee and the team for saving our time and cost. Good Luck.

Mrs.Priya Parulekar , CEO at DgFlick
- Mrs.Priya Parulekar , CEO at DgFlick

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