Set different shipping zones with VistaShopee an ecommerce platform

Zone Creation

Create Zones to set different shipping rules and methods. You may create multiple zones and name them. Create zones according to areas such as Pin codes, Cities, States, Countries.

Multiple Shipping Methods 

VistaShopee offers multiple shipping methods like free delivery, conditional free delivery, flat rate, custom rate, pre-integrated delivery platforms like WeFast, ShipRocket.

Multiple Shipping Methods to select with VistaShopee an ecommerce platform
Shipping Rate Calculation with VistaShopee an ecommerce platform

Custom Rate for Shipping

Define your shipping rate according to weight slabs, these rates will be considered and shown in cart auto calculated depending on the total weight of products selected and zone of the shipping address.

Multiple Shipping Rules

VistaShopee provides settings for 3 different set rules like Local, National, and Worldwide. In each of the sets, you may define/select multiple zones and delivery methods.

Set Multiple Shipping Rules with VistaShopee an ecommerce platform
Allow Delivery Time Conditions with VistaShopee an ecommerce platform

Delivery Timings

Few businesses delivering fresh products may have set days and timing to accept and deliver the orders. VistaShopee allows the setting of these timings to avoid inconvenience to businesses and their customers.

Hyper-Local Carrier Integration

Instant delivery by hyperlocal carriers is the need of the hour. VistaShopee offers pre-integrated hyperlocal carriers like WeFast for shipping charge calculation and auto ship-order creation.

Preintegrated Hyper Local Carrier with VistaShopee an ecommerce platform
Preintegrated International Carriers with VistaShopee an ecommerce platform

National / International Carrier Integration 

VistaShopee offers pre-integrated National/International carriers like ShipRocket for shipping charge calculation based on weight and shipping address.  Auto ship-order created in ShipRocket for execution.