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Realistic Product Photos – a Silent Salesman

A picture is worth a thousand words, we would say, also multiple emotions. This is clearly visible in ecommerce where the entire sale is mostly attributed to image quality and realistic pictures.

Pictures take the role of the salesman and show all aspects of the product, like how it looks, how it looks from the rear view or the side, what is the size, how it is used and more. Thereby, showcasing the overall qualities through pictures. Realistic photos of your product not only convince your customers to buy it but also ensure that the customers easily don't slide away from the site.

One important aspect of ecommerce is generating trust in the product, the brand and the seller. Images, especially when uploaded realistic, silently helps to build trust and with good service it only cements it further. VistaShopee urges you to be as realistic as possible while taking product images and brings to you a few tips to ace the product photography game.

Allow Customers to See your Products Fully

The whole point is to let your customers see the product in its entire form and analyze the size of the product.

  • Take multiple shots from various angles
  • Take zoomed-in images to showcase details
  • For smaller items, display it next to a ruler or something for users to understand the actual size – most people are not good at knowing what 3 cm x 4 cm would actually mean
  • Ensure the product is clicked in well lit place

Have 360-degree Product Video/Image

This may require the skills of an actual photographer but it’s worth it to have a professional do this for you. You may test a few products with 360-degree videos to see how they respond. Mostly, the response is always positive and it upscales your business. Online customers enjoy viewing a product in the video format clearly defining the product features.

Avoid Filters

For few minutes the image may look good and appealing but it adds to the negative point when looked from the point of sales. People easily can find out which image is real and which one is beautified. Unreal images can be the breaking point to lose out the trust level on the part of customers.

Use Explainer Videos for Technical Products

If you’re selling a tee, you may not need this but if you’re selling a gadget like mobile, washing machine or refrigerator then an explainer video is a must. Explainer video helps your customers understand the product features in depth and eases their purchase decision process.

All our experts at VistaShopee are of the view that the quality of product photography can make or break the sale. Hence, ensuring good and realistic photos are available and up on your online store is as important as maintaining the stock.

Hire a Photographer

This is by far the easiest and best method to ensure that you have good quality, realistic photos. The professionals already know their job and they have a hand on experience in capturing a product photo. You may even keep an in-house photographer who would be available every time you have a new line-up of products.

Use your DSLR Camera or Smartphone

In case you have a good camera, you can polish your photography skills. Or use any smartphone with a 12 MP Camera or more.

One thing you must practice as an ecommerce seller is reviewing the feedback or frequently asked questions. This may lead you to even better pictures. With all these points in mind, you can ensure that pictures become your silent salesman and they become competent enough to make the sale for you.