4 Steps for Consistent Posting on Social Media

Social Media is very fast-paced in nature since one could see many people and brands saying a lot of things all the time, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the kind of content people post each day. Also, since people follow many people and multiple brands, they may get many feeds that the content we post may slide away from them pretty fast.

So, to keep appearing in people’s feeds and to attain top of the mind recall, branding efforts and consistent posting on social media are extremely essential.

Remember not to post very often as you may overwhelm your audience with posts and they may unfollow you.

While consistent posting on social media is important, similarly consistency in aesthetics is also equally essential. A consistent set of design and colors help people easily recognize your brand. Similar voice or tonality is also another thing you must maintain.

Here are the 4 Steps you can follow for Consistent Posting on Social Media

1. Plan Ahead in Advance

Pick a day to plan your social media posts.

Ensure you plan for the entire month. Try and sit for this planning at least a week or 10 days prior to the next month.

Make separate posts for -

  • Products
  • Features
  • USPs
  • Service
  • Occasions & festivals
  • Events

You can also create themes or topics for every week. This helps in the consistency and frequency of posting.

Save links and use them as inspiration

Look at your competitors and learn from them

2. Create Batches

Once your planning is in place, create posts.

Use VistaShopee to create posts quickly. We have a huge range of templates for occasions, themes, and regular posts. All you need to do is change images, alter the copy, add your logo and you’re good to go.

Try to create posts for the entire week in one go.

3. Automate Posting

Try using an automating tool. You can always use the Meta Business Suite on Facebook and schedule for both Facebook and Instagram at the same time. You can also use other free tools to post on LinkedIn or Twitter or other platforms.

4. Respond Regularly

Ensure you reply to all the messages you get on social media. You may appoint someone to do this like an office employee who has a basic understanding of your business and this person can contact you for an appropriate reply and post the reply on your behalf.

Ensure you are learning from the feedback you are getting. Every response whether positive or not is giving you something important to learn from.

Use Google Reviews or other reviews you get on your site or social media to make posts. People like to see real people’s updates and resonate more with genuine feedback.

Remember that consistent posting on social media is something you want to achieve, but may not happen immediately. It takes time and a lot of effort from your end. But remember, all these efforts always pay back. Remember to use VistaShopee to create quick and impressive posts for your social media channels.


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