What is social media?

In today’s day and age the word ‘social media’ has become a big talk of the town. Social media is an online communication platform that allows you to interact with your customers and share information in real-time.

 Since people have easy access to smart phones with good internet connectivity more and more people are coming on social media. Today social media is not just restricted to creating personal bond and relations but also a great business opportunity to build trust and credibility with your customers.

Benefits of social media:

Social media is a two way communication platform that helps you generate engagement with your followers through interactive messages. In this way you get to know their likes and dislikes and develop products/services that meet their requirements.

Social media can help your business to -

Social media can help you find out new customers and increase your customer base.

It can be a great source to get customer feedbacks and can get to self-analyze your business what are your strengths and weaknesses.

Do market research and grab opportunities to increase your market reach including international market.

Active social media performance can help you increase revenue by creating loyal customers that becomes your advocates and promotes business thereby reducing marketing cost.

Social media can be a great platform for creating awareness and creating a unique brand image in the minds of the prospects.

You can even get new business ideas and can exchange or share some valuable information by joining like-minded groups on social media.

You can increase traffic to your website and improve search engine ranking.

Through social media you can always keep an eye on your competitors - what kind of content they share, how they interact with their audience etc.


Social Media Tools for your Online Business:

Not all social media platforms will be useful for your business. Consider selecting those platforms where your maximum niche customers are present. You must be there where your target audience is as ‘Visibility is the key to success’.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media site with having more than two billion users. Facebook is the most affordable choice for every business. As you can find almost anyone on facebook provided they have access to the internet. This means almost everyone in your customer base has a facebook account that’s why it’s a top social media site for businesses.


Twitter is a micro blogging site with the character limit of 280 words. That is what twitter makes it different for people to promote their business in a very concise and interesting way. The customer base is not huge as compared to facebook but can be a great place to know what your customers are talking about.


Instagram is one of the youngest social networking site with majority users under 25 yrs of age. Instagram is best platform for those companies who’s target audience is young generation. Even though if your company is not young trendy, but still you can post creative photos to bring more visits to your website and engagement.


LinkedIn is more like a professional platform to build connections in a formal way. It is a community of business workers and professionals who share and connect on a professional level making it more formal than other social media platforms. You will mostly B2B and B2C contacts present here and the content shared here are mostly formal.


Youtube is one of the number one video streaming platform. Here  you can find videos across varied genres giving the opportunity to receive likes and comments and increase your channel subscribers. For business Youtube can be best to share product reviews, tutorial videos that can improve transparency and trust between you as a business and your customers.


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